School Culture
Lafayette Academy prepares its students for success in a college preparatory high school in an atmosphere that challenges and supports each student to achieve his or her highest potential.

Lafayette’s values are at the core of the school culture and serve as the guiding principles of our behavior management approach.

  • We respect ourselves.
  • We respect others.
  • We respect our teachers and our school.
  • We take responsibility for our education.
  • We take responsibility for our actions.
  • We take responsibility for our school.
  • We reach for excellence.
  • We reach beyond ourselves.
  • We reach to make the world a better place.

Positive Discipline: Lafayette’s teachers provide positive reinforcement both informally in the classroom and through the Super Ticket program. Students earn tickets from teachers and administrators for academic effort, demonstration of positive character and weekly attendance. Tickets are exchanged for prizes at the Super Store.
A full description of expectations for student behavior and consequences of misbehavior may be found in the Student and Parent Handbook. A brief summary follows:
Enrolling a student at Lafayette academy requires a special Commitment to Excellence from parents or legal guardians. In order to be successful, students must do the following:
  • attend school every day unless there is an emergency;
  • be on time;
  • work hard;
  • honor the school’s values;
  • behave appropriately, including following the school dress code;
  • be here on time and stay until the end of the day;
  • do neatly and completely homework every night it is assigned;
  • attend school field trips, even if they occur on weekends or holiday periods;
  • attend after school, Saturday, or summer tutoring/other programs as determined by the school.

Enrolling your student at Lafayette Academy means that you will take responsibility for the following:
  • having your student here on time every day and having him/her here all day;
  • supporting the school’s mission and values;
  • supporting the teachers and the school to make sure your child behaves appropriately;
  • making sure your child does his/her homework neatly, completely, and in a timely manner;
  • reading all papers that come from the school;
  • making sure your child attends after school, Saturday, or summer tutoring as determined by the school;
  • supporting the school by attending school events and, if possible, volunteering time.